A sweet taste or a pleasant spirit?

You know I believe the word speaks that all things are good but not profitable (1 Corinthians 10:23). I suppose the context can be applied to many things in life. As much as the chocolate was sweet in my coffee this morning, to me it wasn’t worth all the noise that it took to get it in there.


I am living with a Haitian family and they will do just about anything to make my stay pleasant, for which I am grateful. Before moving in, and being there for the first few days I have had to remind them not to change anything and that they don’t have to do anything special for me. I suppose my words don’t matter. They are quite intentional about their hospitality.


However, one morning in a desire to be still, I was shaken by a bunch of noise. I went into the kitchen and saw that the Mom was doing something, she said “chocolate.”

Later as I drank some coffee, I realized that she had just made some of the sweetest coffee I have ever tasted. I know it was done with a upright good heart and it certainly tasted very good.


As I continued to drink and watch the sunrise, I realized that there was a lesson to be learned here. Even though something is good in our life, perhaps tastes sweet and pleasant, doesn’t always mean it is good for us or that it is profitable. I could have done without all the noise that it took to make it.

For this one, noise and chaos are a spirit quencher. A momentary break in the stillness and quiet spirit of God was not worth the sweetness of the coffee that I had tasted. Learning many things.


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With Marbles or Candy.

And Prayer…

While we walked into the neighborhood, I felt like I was home. It’s a part of town that is really rough and poor. By the conditions, it is obvious that there isn’t much hope here. As I gazed around, the poverty of an unprecedented measure rocked my heart. I felt like I was home in some regards, felt like once again I could feel God’s heart for these people. I picked up a little boy with no pants while Chancely and I walked through inviting the children to come to class.


Its one of those times that you wait for. You pray and then wait. My heart still wanted to go into this place but there were challenges and its always wise to wait for the right timing….the time had come…


Then it began, class began, the class was full. There was a difference here though. The children were calm, they were sitting in amazing silence. There was a spirit of obedience and calmness that fell over the class. It was as if a divine cloud dropped. There were about 70+ children. We could not have wanted it any other way.


After class, I was impressed at how Chancely was taking names of the children. I’ve wanted to do this for some time, and now the children will be called by name next week and it also gives us a greater opportunity to get to know them personally.


I am excited about this new work that we have been waiting to do. Its evident that God is doing something here, in this part of town. I am excited about what doors have and will continue to open here and some of the new ideas that we want to implement in hope to be inline with what God is doing here among the children.

This is our second location, just this week, Chancely used prayer and candy as an outreach tool to have the children reach the children. So sweet!

Thank you for listening.

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It was a slow moto ride to the orphanage that day. My heart was wanting Zo to drive faster as I was a bit anxious about the project and I had scheduled something else later in the day and this was a project that I wanted to get done. As we cruised through town, he said greeted more people than I could count. It was good to be with him, he is a great brother in Christ.

When we arrived, there seemed to be a reservation as to why we were there. But nonetheless, After receiving a child into my arms, I made my way to the pastor. The children don’t know the things that need to be done, they just know the depravity in which they live.


While I talked with the person in charge, it was evident that he did not want me to do anything there but that he wanted only help with the new place. The new place is far from being completed and we wanted to make live better for the kids now and now wait for the new place to be finished. This is the heart breaking part about it is that the people there don’t care about the children to the point of death.

Perhaps the voice here is speaking on behalf of the depraved. When we rode away, Zo said the man has a bad heart. Its pretty bad when a Haitian says this about another Haitian. The truth of it sticks out more.

Later, I had Kreole lessons and could hardly make it through without crying but nevertheless I continued. Kreole is really important to learn right now. After my lesson and holding my tears back, I got on the moto to head home. For the first time, I sensed the need for justice.

I wanted to go to the hospital and see Bel Fle and Woot, but I was just so wrecked from my conversation that I headed home. I had only gotten a fraction of the way up the hill and turned around to go back to the hospital.


When I got there one of the ladies was feeding Woot. And then I went and saw Bel Fle. I picked her up and with her clinched fist, I opened them. I was amazed at the joy that came upon her face when I firmly opened her hands. She looked at them in amazement.

Perhaps that was all I needed for a short time to know and see God working. I’ve not felt the need for Justice but while riding up the hill on the moto, I realized in my heart that it is heartbreaking to see an injustice occur.

I know God will have justice on the wicked, those out for their own gain, especially those whom hinder, neglect, and cause His little one to suffer for reasons that are easily resolved.


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Fear. Do we all have fear? This one has realized an element of it dwells within. Its quite painful to know and even admit. Its not something one would want to publicly proclaim. But, the insight that I have come to discover in this, its that when it exists one has not yet been perfected in love. How humbling this is. I mean we all want to fully love right? In some ways its encouraging because it means I still have an opportunity to love in a greater way and or I will be filled in a new way, from the one who is love.


In the river of tears its disheartening and deeply painful. Love is to be our greatest achievement! To be known as someone who loves and has loved. Are we a failure if we have not loved? Perhaps there is fear in knowing that we have been unloving. What a crazy paradigm.

Our dear Word of God from our savior and friend says that, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.” (1 John 4:18). So if I have perfect love then I have no fear. I certainly don’t want to walk in torment.

One commentary states, “Love and fear coexist only where love is not yet perfect. Perfect love will absolutely exclude fear as surely as perfect union excludes all separation. It is self-interested love that fears; pure and unselfish love has no fear. Yet nothing but perfect love must be allowed to cast out fear.”


One glimpse that I have discovered is that I have remnants of my earthly father in which there was no love. Perhaps, not so much no love as there was fear that when Dad comes home, he will be upset about something. There was something I had done wrong because his countenance toward me was usually less than desirable. There was always an underlining sense that Dad was discontent about something. So there lays a sense that Dad is coming home with an angry face and punishment.

HOWEVER, in ones reflections this morning, looking at who our Heavenly Father is, we can come to see, and understand that He has always been good. He has been unwavering in His goodness. Sitting, thinking, and pondering the years that one has walked this earth since knowing God as Father, He has always been faithful.


We can sometimes doubt where God lead us. Even when our hearts are unsettled, Yet, its in His unwavering goodness that He draws us. He is always a good Father.


Those whom did not have pleasant earthly fathers, must erase these examples with forgiveness and forgo comparison with truth and love in whom our Heavenly Father is. He is always good to us and in unwavering in who He is.

Perhaps the point of all this is to know how good God is. He is good all the time. He is unwavering in all of His goodness!

Gary George

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My Voice

She said it is suppose to be my voice. What is it? The voice of me, I am a child of God called by the Father, the Father in Heaven. I’ve not known an earthly Father, but have discovered a supernatural one. One that is kind, patient, loving, and looks upon the inner man. He is the one that dwells inside, with a love that stretches and reaches into the depths of ones soul.

Isn’t it when God walks with us or rather when we walk with God? I heard a song that says “walk with me.” But in contemplating such a profound statement, we should ask ourself, “do we invite God to walk with us, or should we not for certainty ask God to allow us to walk with Him?”

One of many reflections of who God is. We see that He is the good shepherd. He is infinitely beyond anything we can even think of. God healed people and raised people from the dead. Quite incredible! And then scripture says that “we“ will do even greater works that this (John 14:12)!

My heart aches, because that is my voice right now. It aches in many ways. I still remember that one day when all the photos from magazines and TV of images that I was never really concerned about came to life before my eyes. I was in a third world country seeing things and people that live completely different than anything I even understood or imagined.

Fetching water with a bucket? Standing in line while some random pipe gushes water in the street? This is not normal, but it is for some.

Getting water

My voice. Do I want one? Maybe my voice just wants to be love. It says in scripture that we are to love in deed and truth, not just in word (1 John 3:18). So should I have a voice or should the deeds I do or the truth I live be the voice?

Our voice should come from our life. We should choose not to seek a life (Luke 17:33). What is it anyway? He is our reward and bearing fruit is His glory (Genesis 15:1; John 15:8). Perhaps finding a life in the prayer of asking God is wreck our hearts for Him and the things that He loves. God is near the broken hearted (Psalm 34:18). And we know that all of God’s words are true. That’s the voice I want to have. Perhaps a voice of a broken heart for God. Some quite random thoughts.

Gary George

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A Conversation with James!



He is one of our disciples…


I have known him for almost two years now. He was that guy when I first met him that was always in my face. He has a tremendously strong personality and for good reason. God has given him the gift of evangelism. When he speaks, he has a way that commands attention. Although his personality is strong and can be quite forward in his delivery. When used for the kingdom, he draws people in, both the young and the older alike.


I have seen him in the hospital teaching the children on several occasions and have been brought to tears. It’s a spiritual gift, especially since I don’t understand the language fully. It’s the spirit that reveals all things. He is captivating and alluring.


This last Saturday when we were waiting for childrens class to start, I had the opportunity to hear him acknowledge the gift that God has given him. I was joyed to hear him come to this understanding after months of walking in it.


He is just one of many here in Jeremie that God has gifted in such a remarkable away. Its so great to see him acknowledge his gift.


Gary George
(509) 4617.1074

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A Crab Shell

A Crab Shell.

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A Children’s Bible School in Haiti!

In Ephesians Paul writes that we would know the hope of our calling (1:18). And again in 1 Corinthians 2:9, he stays that our eyes, ears, and our hearts cannot imagine the things that God has prepared for those who love Him. With this, I had no idea what would transpire when I returned here to Haiti for this next season.

A Bible school for Children has been established. I am tremendously excited each week as they come. It is so heart warming to see the children receive deep spiritual food. At first there were about 4-5 children with just me. Now after several weeks of going out to the byways like Jesus talks about in Matthew 22, we had nearly 80 children in class on Saturday! Plus, God has brought a tremendously gifted teacher for the children. Her name Rachelle.

The purpose of this newsletter is to present an opportunity to invest in the lives of 40-60 children. With an opportunity to share in the fruit of a movement of children growing in the saving knowledge of God as their Father here in Jeremie.

School costs will grow and we plan to meet needs of the children who come on a consistent basis. School, clothing, shoes and food will be what we will be doing. Just to name a few tangible ways to show God’s love for this Nation through the children.

Please consider supporting this movement among the children here. Living expenses are approximately $7-800 monthly. Which includes rent and living expenses. Rent for the school is currently minimal. However, this may change. Tangible needs for the children will range from $50-100 monthly per child.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration for partnering with me in this movement among the children here in Jeremie, Haiti. I am excited about what God is doing!

Gary George
(509) 4617.1074

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A Crab Shell

It was a usual day at the orphanage. When I get there, they are usually in the process of cooking. Its great to just hang out for a while with no agenda and chat (in my limited Creole) as much as I can with the children and adults there. However, this time I saw something occur before my eyes that was heart-breaking.


Since we were in the kitchen, one of the the persons in charge continued to call the children over by name to partake in their share. One of the little girls “Jemima” took her turn and received a shell. Looking at the shell, it was obvious that much of the meat that had been there, was already removed. Mere remnants remained. I know that she is but about five years of age, however, her portion didn’t seem acceptable to me since I had just seen others with so much more.


What was heart breaking was that while Jemima ate it, one of the other little girls (Widline) came over and wanted some too. Widline put her hand out and Jemima spit what she was eating in Widline hand and she ate it a second time. In fact, some of it fell on the ground when it was pit out and Widline picked it up and ate it too.

The thing about it was not just that one girl ate what one had already eaten, this was heart-breaking, more so that it was just a shell with little in it. There was little meat left. I still can’t get over that one girl ate what one had already eaten.


Before, I wrote this, I was thinking about how desperate these children must be to do such a thing. I have another story of desperation that I will write another time.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Gary George
(509) 4617.1074
P.O. Box 82311
San Diego CA 92138

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A Cup of Water with Immeasurable Desperation

I have been wanting to write about this since the image was seared in my mind. The look of desperation in the child’s eyes over a cup of water was astonishing. I saw one of our guys with a big bag as he rode in on a taxi. Come to find out it was a sack of water.


A cup of drinkable water cost pennies here, yet, many go without. This was one of the first times we have tried to provide such a need, it was at a place we call the point. Its in Jeremie, Haiti. The countries lack of water certainly isn’t a cost issue, but a heart issue.


As we handed out the water, mixed emotions were stirred up. Some children were deeply desperate for it, while others played with it carelessly. The general way it is done is we have them sit down. However, it soon became out of control. Simply due to the overwhelming desperation for a basic need called water.


We ended up having to pack up and leave. It’s a crazy dynamic here as I experienced the same thing once when I was with another group trying to feed a small community rice and beans. There is a line but them things get out of control and a plate of food that is sought at in desperation, ends up on the ground, uneaten.


In this case, water that some are desperate for, is spilled on the ground, becoming of course undrinkable. Pray for continued organization to do these types of things. There is much need here, both spiritual and tangible.


Each time we go to the point we hear, “water please.” I have a water bottle and give some, but it isn’t enough for the whole community. Its living living water that is most important, yet tangible needs like water are needed too. The desperation is real, the tangible and spiritual needs are real. The pictures certainly aren’t sufficient in showing the looks of deep desperation I saw.

A cup of water and immeasurable desperation.

Gary George
(509) 4617.1074
P.O. Box 82311
San Diego CA 92138

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