Intimately Acquainted in the States!

Wow!  It’s been about eight months since I returned to America.  I am deeply delighted and grateful for God’s faithfulness in my life.


(Amy and me) Photo credit: Lisa Ronco Photography

This update is three fold.  One, to invite you all to celebrate with me my new bride and partner for life Amy Joy.  Two, to continue to bring awareness to the feeding in Haiti. Three, to pray for me to find regular employment that fits my skills appropriately.

Amy and I have quite a story of a friendship over a period of six years.  We are captivated by the redeeming love that God has allowed us to experience through Him as well as through each other.

As we settle into marriage, we are starting to plan our next visit to Haiti to see the children and encourage our ministry partners there.  We hope this is possible at the end of the year.


(An eager boy during class!)

We ask and thank you all for your continued support of the feeding which feeds about 2,000+ children per month at about $0.50 per meal.


(Children raising their hand in class)


(Chancely teaching)

We are greatly encouraged that our leadership at Impact 195 had the opportunity to see Chancely continuing to teach and feed the children.  Please lift him up in prayer as well as he continues to be steadfast in bringing the biblical teaching to the children of Haiti.

Feeding support:


(From our balcony)

Waterfront Park

(The Waterfront Park)

Finally, please be in prayer for Amy and me for regular employment.  Before I left America I was doing facilities work.  While in Haiti, I developed as a Photographer.  Please pass on my information to anyone you may know who may need a facilities person or photographer.

My photography work can be seen here:

Thank you all for your support!

Gary and Amy George
1608 India Street Unit 409
San Diego CA 92101
Intimately Acquainted Photography

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