Getting Settled….sort of…

As most of you know, I had the privilege to live in Haiti for over two years. It has been such a wonderful and challenging experience. I lived with a team three times before taking the opportunity to live with a Haitian family for about five months. I learned what it was like to not have running water and to only have power at night most nights.



Today I am in America. The feeding continues to go on thanks to a great team of supporters. I am deeply thankful for the ministry and the ability to feed children.


God has been working in so many ways! Through a prayer I had in my heart for some time our wonderful Father has brought me a helpmate, bone of my bones. I place an emphasis on helpmate since that has been the nurturing characteristic of this woman….her name is Amy Joy. She has had a heart for Haiti and missions ever since I have known her. We plan to get married in the next coming months.



As it has been nearly three years since I left for Haiti, I am getting reacquainted with life in America.


With all this said I ask for prayer for some specific immediate needs that I would like to share with you. Amy and I have been in prayer extensively for these things and welcome your partnership.  Prayer requests are:

  • A job. I desire a position that enables me to continue and perhaps grow with the skills I had before I left (pastoral work and facilities management). In case anyone sees an opportunity for me, I can send a resume.  I have two, one that reflects a professional outlook as well as a one for ministry. I would like to work with a non-profit organization that is making a difference in the world such as humanitarian work. A job would allow me to provide for my living expenses as well as help grow the ministry in Haiti. Opportunities for photography would be great too.
  • Housing. I need a place to stay for June and July until we get married.
  • My health.  Just before Christmas of last year, I had Malaria. Although I got treated and recovered some from it, I still have fatigue that I can’t explain and will be contacting a specialist soon. Please pray for appropriate healing, renewed strength and vigor.
  • Growth for the feeding in Haiti. As always I ask for your continual support for the feeding. I plan to continue fundraising for it, as we want it to grow from its current 2,000 meals a month to perhaps double as an immediate goal!

Thank you for your partnerships!

Gary George
1608 India Street Unit 409
San Diego CA 92101

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